Liddie Boechus

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Liddie Boechus, (second interview)

Madison, Arkansas

Age: 73

"I was born in West Point, Mississippi. My own dear mother's owner was

Pool. His wife was Mistress Patty Pool. Old man Pool raised our set. He

was an old soldier, I think. He was old when I came to know him.

"My own papa's pa was Smith. After he came back from the Civil War he

took back his Smith name. He changed it back from Pool to Smith.

"I was a small child when my own dear mother died. My stepmother had

some children of her own, so papa hired me out by the year to nurse for

my board and clothes. My stepmother didn't care for me right. White

folks raised me.

"I married when I was fifteen years old to a man twenty years old or

more. White folks was good to me but I didn't have no sense. I lef' 'em.

I married too young. I lived wid him little over twelve years, and I had

twelve children by him. Then I married a preacher. We had two more

children. My first husband was trifling. I ploughed, hoed, split wood to

raise my babies.

"My daughter come from Louisiana to stay with me last winter when I was

sick. I got eight dollars, now I gets six dollars from the Welfare. My

daughter here now.

"I went to one white teacher a few days--Miss Perkins. I never got to go

enough to learn. I took up reading and writing from my children. I write

mighty poor I tell you.

"I used to be a midwife and got ten dollars a case. They won't pay off

now. I do a little of that work, but I don't get nothing for it. They

have a doctor or won't pay.

"My husband was a good man. He was a preacher. I'm a Baptist.

"I don't know what to think about young folks. Every feller is for his

own self. Times is hard with old folks. I had a stroke they said. This

new generation ain't got no strength. I think it is because they set

around so much. What would a heap of them do? A long day's work in the

field would kill some of them. It would! Some folks don't work 'nough to

be healthy. I don't know, but though, I really believes education and

automobiles is the whole cause."

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