Liza Jones

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Lucy Jones,

Marianna, Arkansas

Age: Born 1866

[Date Stamp: MAY 11 1938]

"I was raised second year after the surrender. I don't know a father

or mother. They was dead when I was five years old. I had no sisters

nor brothers. Mrs. Cynthia Hall raised me. She raised my mother.

Master Hall was her husband. They was old people and they was so good

to me. They had no children and I lived in the house with them. I

never went to school a day in my life. I can't read. I can count


"My mother was dark. I married when I was fifteen years old. I have

four children living. They are all dark. They are about the same color

but darker than I am.

"No ma'am, I don't believe one could be voodooed. I lived nearly all

my life with white folks and they don't heed no foolishness like that,

do they? I cooked, worked in the field, washed and ironed.

"I married three times. The first time at Raymond, Mississippi. I

never had no big weddings.

"Seems like some folks have lost their grip and ain't willing to start

over. I don't know much to say for the young people. They are not

smart. They got more schooling. They try to shirk all the work they

can. I never seen no Ku Klux in my life. People used to raise nearly

all their living at home and now they depend on buying nearly

everything. Well, I think it is bad."

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