Louvenia Huff

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Louvenia Huff

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 64

"I was born third year after the surrender. There was thirteen children

in my family when I was a child. We was different sizes and the grown

children helped look after the little ones. My parents was field hands.

My parents belong to Dr. Hatch. He lived in Aberdeen, Mississippi. We

lived in the country on his place. He had five or six children. Ben and

Needham come out to the farm. He was an old man and we stayed on the

son's place--same place--till I come to Arkansas. We come in 1885. We

heard it was a better country and open stock range. Dr. Hatch was very

good to my folks.

"I don't think the Ku Klux bothered my folks but we was afraid of them.

"My father voted a Republican ticket. I never voted.

"My grandmother was real light skin. Mother was mixed with white. She

told us she was sold away from her mother when she was a little bitter

of a girl and never seen her no more till she was the mother of six

children. They didn't know one another when they met. Her mother knowed

who bought her and after freedom she kept asking about her and finally

heard where she was and come to her. There was no selling place at

Aberdeen so I don't know where she was bought. Dr. Hatch lived to be an

old man. He owned a lot of slaves and lots of land.

"Father's old master was Whitfield. He sold him to Dr. Hatch when he was

a young man. Father was a driver in the Civil War. He hauled soldiers

and dumped them in the river. The Union soldiers wouldn't give them time

to bury the other side. He took rations all but the times he hauled dead

soldiers. He got shot in his arm above the wrist. He died before they

give him a pension. He was a Union soldier. He talked a lot but that is

all I can tell straight. I don't know if he mustered out or not.

"I worked in the field, wash, iron, and cooked. We get $12 from the

Welfare. My husband had two strokes. He has been sick three years.

"My parents' name Simpson Hatch and Jacob Hatch. They had thirteen


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