Lucy Cotton

Interviewer: Thomas Elmore Lucy

Person interviewed: Lucy Cotton

Russellville, Arkansas

Age: 72

[Jan 7 1938]

"Lucy Cotton's my name, and I was born on the tenth day of June, 1865,

jist two months after the surrender. No suh, I ain't no kin to the other

Cottons around here, so far as I knows. My mother was Jane Hays, and she

was owned by a master named Wilson.

"I've belonged to the Holiness Church six years. (They call us

'Holiness,' but the real name is Pentecostal.)

"Yes suh, there's a heap of difference in folks now 'an when I was a

girl--especially among the young people. I think no woman, white or

black, has got any business wastin' time around the votin' polls. Their

place is at home raisin' a family. I hear em sometimes slinging out

their 'damns' and it sure don't soun' right to me.

"Good day, mistah. I wish you well--but the gov'ment ain't gonna do

nothing. It never has yit."

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