Maggie Perkins

Pine Bluff District


Name of Interviewer: Martin & Barker

Subject: Ex-Slaves--Slavery Times

This Information given by: Maggie Perkins

Place of Residence: W. 6th. St.

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My folks lived in S. Carolina and belonged to Col. Bob Baty and his


If I should lay down tonight I could tell when my folks were going to

die, because the Lawd would tell me in a vision.

Just before my grandmother died, I got up one morning and told my aunt

that granma was dead. Aunt said she did not want me telling lies.

Then I saw another aunt laying on the bed, and she had her hand under

her jaw. She was smiling. The house was full of people. After awhile

they heard that her aunt was dead too, and after that they paid

attention to me when I told them somebody was going to die.

I'se a member of the Holiness Church. I believes step up right and keep

the faith.

I seen my aunt walking up and down on a glass. The Lawd tells me in a

vision to step right up and see the faith.

I am living in Jesus. He is coming to Pine Bluff soon. He is going to

separate the lions from the sheep.

I was born in slavery times. I member folks riding around on horses.

Them days I used to wash my mistis feet and legs, and sometimes I would

fall asleep against my mistis knees. I tells the young fry to give honor

to the white folks, and my preacher tell 'em to obey the white folks,

dat dey are our best friends, dey is our dependence and it would be hard

getting on if we didn't have em to help us.

Spirits--Me and my husband moved into a house that a man, "uncle Bill"

Hearn died in, and we wanted dat house so bad we moved right in as soon

as he was taken out, we ate supper and went to bed.

By the time we got to sleep we heard sounds like someone was emptying

shelled corn, and I hunched up under my husband scared to death and then

moved out the next day. The dead haven't gone to Heaven. When death

comes, he comes to your heart. He has your number and knows where to

find you. He won't let you off, he has the key.

Death comes and unlocks the heart and twists the breath out of that

heart and carries it back to God.

Nobody has gone to Heaven, no one can get pass Jesus until the day of

his redemption, which is judgement day.

We can't pass the door without being judged. On the day of ressurection

the trumpet will sound and us will wake up out of he graveyard, and come

forth to be judged. The sea shall give up its dead. Every nation will

have to appear before God and be judged in a twinklin of an eye. If you

aren't prepared before Jesus comes, it will be too late. God is

everywhere, he is the almight. God is a nice God, he is a clean God, he

is a good God. I would be afraid to tell you a lie for God would strike

me down.

Eight years ago I couldn't see, I wore specs 3 years. I forgot my specs

one morning, I prayed for my eyesight and it was restored that morning.

Our marster was a good man. De overseers sometimes wuz bad, but dey did

not let marsters know how dey treated their girl slaves. My grandmother

was whipped by de overseers one time, it made welts on her back. My

sister Mary had a child by a white man.

To get joy in de morning, get up and pray and ask Him to bless you. God

will feed all alike, he is no respector of persons. He shows no extra

favors twixt de rich and de poor.

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