Mandy Lee

Interviewer: Miss Sallie C. Miller

Person interviewed: Mandy Lee,

Coal Hill, Arkansas

Age: 85

"Yes'm I was a slave. I been here. I heard the bugles blowing, the

fife beat, the drums beat, and the cannons roar. We started to Texas

but never got across the river. I don't know what town it was but it

was just across the river from Texas. My white folks was good to me. I

staid with them till they died. Missy died first, then master died. I

never was away from them. They was both good. My mammy was sold but I

never was. They said they was surrendered when we come back from

Texas. I heard the drums beat at Ft. Smith when we come back but I

don't know what they was doing. I worked in the house with the

children and in the field too. I help herd the horses. I would card

and spin and eat peaches. No, that wasn't all I had to eat. I didn't

have enough meat but I had plenty of milk and potatoes. I was born

right here in Coal Hill. I ain't never lived anywhere else except when

we went South during the war.

"Law woman I can't tell you what I think of the present generation.

They are good in their way but they don't do like we did. I never did

go naked. I don't see how they stand it.

"I could sing when I was young. We sang everything, the good and


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