Mark C Trotter

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Mark C. Trotter, Edmondson, Arkansas

Age: 71

"My owners was Miss Betty and Mr. Luke Trotter. I was born in Tunica

County, Mississippi. I farmed all my whole life. I did like it. One

thing they said about slavery, you couldn't get away. They had dogs and

you get away and have no place to go, nothing to eat. Travel was hard

through the rough wilderness. One owner would notify another about a

runaway. They would take him back or send him word to come get the

runaway. Some of 'em tried to stay in the woods. They said they never

tried to get away. I wasn't born till after freedom. They said they felt

sorry when somebody got beat but they couldn't help it. They had feeling

for their color.

"I come to Arkansas in 1925. I jus' can make it. I'm sickly. I made my

part, three bales cotton, last year and prices was so low and provisions

so high it is all gone. I don't get no help from the Welfare.

"I heard old folks set around the fire and spit and talk about them very

things but I got here too late to know well enough to tell it.

"I recollect when seed was a scarce thing. We had to save all our seed.

The women would swap around. Folks had to raise their own stock.

"The Ku Klux didn't bother us.

"I voted here in town. I don't bother the polls no more. I don't own


"Times and folks both been changing all my life. Some things is better

and some people as good as they always been."

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