Mary Frazier

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Mary Frazier, near Biscoe, Arkansas

Age: 60

"My parents was Neily and Amos Hamilton. They lived in Marshall County,

about forty-eight miles from Memphis. They belong to people by that same


"I heard them all say how they come to be way out in Mississippi. The

Thompsons owned Grandma Diana and her husband in South Carolina. Master

Jefferies went there from Mississippi and bought grandma. They let all

twelve of her children go in the sale some way but they didn't sell

grandpa. He grieved so till the same man come back a long time afterward

and bought him. Jefferies was good to them. I was born in Mississippi.

Grandma cooked all the time. Mama and papa both worked in the field. I

heard grandma say every one of her children was born in South Carolina.

Mr. Jefferies, one of the younger set, lived in Clarendon, Arkansas.

Since I come to this country I seen him. I lived over there pretty close


"I got no 'pinion worth telling about our young folks. They want to have

a big time when they are young. All young folks is swift on foot that

way. Times is funny. Funniest times ever been in my life. Is times right

now? Ain't no credit no more. That one thing making times so hard. Money

is the whole thing now'days."

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