Mary Harris

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Mary Harris

713 N. Plum Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 82

"I was born right here in Arkansas and I remember they was havin'

somethin'. I remember when they taken this town (Pine Bluff). The people

what owned me was the parson of the Methodist church--Parson Walsh. Yes

ma'm I knowed the Union soldiers was dressed in blue and the Secessors

was called Greybacks. My father was with the Yankee soldiers. I don't

know how he got with em but I know he was gone away from this town three

years. He come back here after he was mustered out in Vicksburg.

"I remember the Yankee soldiers come and took the colored folks away if

they wanted to go. That was after surrender. They carried us to the

'county band' and fed us.

"I know the day the Yankees taken Pine Bluff; it was on Sunday and Marse

Jesse went to services. The Secessor soldiers left Pine Bluff. Of course

I didn't understand what it was all about cause in them times people

didn't enlighten children like they does now. They know everything now,

ain't no secrets.

"Most work I've done is washin' and ironin' since I been a full-grown,

married woman. I was twenty some odd when I was married. I know I was

out of my teens.

"I went to school a good while after the war. My first teacher was Mr.

Todd from the North.

"I used to do right smart sewing. I did sewing before machines come to

this town. The frocks they used to make had from five to ten yards.

"We is livin' now in a time of worry. What they is doin' is told about

in the scripture."

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