Mary Jackson

Interviewer: Thomas Elmore Lucy

Person interviewed: Mary Jackson,

Russellville, Arkansas

Age: 75?

"My name is Mary Jackson, and I was born in Miller Grove, Hunt County,

Texas during the War. No sir, I do not know the year. Our master's

name was Dixon, and he was a wealthy plantation owner, had lots of

property in Hunt County.

"The days after the War--called the Reconstruction days, I

believe--were sure exciting, and I can 'mind' a lot of things the

people did, one of them a big barbecue celebration commemoratin' the

return of peace. They had speeches, and music by the band--and there

were a lot of soldiers carrying guns and wearing some kind of big

breastplates. The white children tried to scare us by telling us the

soldiers were coming to kill us little colored children. The band

played 'Dixie' and other familiar tunes that the people played and

sang in those days.

"Yes sir, I remember the Klu Klux Klan. They sure kept us frightened

and we would always run and hide when we heard they were comin'. I

don't know of any special harm they done but we were afraid of em.

"I have been a member of the A. M. E. Church for forty years, and my

children belong to the same church.

"No sir, I don't know if the government ever promised our folks

anything--money, or land, or anything else.

"Don't ask me anything about this 'new generation' business. They're

simply too much for me; I cannot understand em at all. Don't know

whether they are coming or going. In our day the parents were not near

so lenient as they are today. I think much of the waywardness of the

youth today should be blamed on the parents for being too slack in

their training."

NOTE: Mrs. Jackson and her son live in a lovely cottage, and her taste

in dress and general deportment are a credit to the race.

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