Mary Lee

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Mary Lee

1308 Texas Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 74

[Date Stamp: MAY 31 1938]

"I was born in 1864, March the fourth, the year before the Civil War

ended. All I know is what they told me and what I read.

"Born in Texas, but my mother and father was both born in Georgia.

"My mother said her white folks was good to her. She was the house

girl, she didn't have to work in no field.

"I went to school when I was six or eight. I don't remember which. I

had right smart schooling.

"I remember my mother's young missis run off and got married. She was

just a young girl, 'bout seventeen. That's been a long time.

"I got a book sent to me a while back. It's a Catholic book--'History

of Church and State.' Yes'm, I'm a Catholic. Used to belong to the

Methodist church, but I wouldn't be a Methodist no more. I like the

Catholics. You would too if you was one of 'em.

"I been here in Arkansas since 1891. That's goin' right on up the


"I can't do much work now, my breath gets short.

"I used to make thirty-five dollars a month washin' and ironin'. Oh,

that was a long time 'fore the depression.

"I don't think nothin' of this younger generation. All goin' the same

way. Oh lord, you better let 'em alone, they won't take no


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