Mary Mitchell

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Mary Mitchell, Hazen, Arkansas

Age: 60

"I was born in Trenton, Tennessee. My parents had five children. They

were named William and Charlotte Wells. My father ran away and left my

mother with all the children to raise. By birth mother was a

Mississippian. She had been a nurse and my father was a timber man and

farmer. My mother said she had her hardest time raising her little

children. She was taken from her parents when a small girl and put on a

block and sold. She never said if her owners was bad to her, but she

said they was rough on Uncle Peter. He would fight. She said they would

tie Uncle Peter and whoop him with a strap. From what she said there was

a gang of slaves on Mr. Wade's place. He owned her. I never heard her

mention freedom but she said they had a big farm bell on a tall post in

the back yard and they had a horn to blow. It was a whistle made of a

cow's horn.

"She said they was all afraid of the Ku Klux. They would ride across the

field and they could see that they was around, but they never come up

close to them."

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