Mattie Aldridge Hazen Arkansas Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person Interviewed: Mattie Aldridge

Age: 60? Hazen, Arkansas

"My mother's old owner named Master Sanders. She born somewhere in

Tennessee. I heard her say she lived in Mississippi. I was born in

Tennessee. My pa was born in Mississippi. I know he belong to the

Duncans. His name George Washington Duncan. There ain't nary drap white

blood in none us. I got four brothers. I do remembers grandma. She set

and tell us tales bout old times like you want to know. Been so long I

forgotten. Ma was a house girl and pa a field hand. Way grandma talked

it must of been hard to find out what white folks wanted em to do, cause

she couldn't tell what you say some times. She never did talk plain.

"They was glad when freedom declared. They said they was hard on em.

Whoop em. Pa was killed in Crittenden County in Arkansas. He was

clearin' new ground. A storm come up and a limb hit him. It killed him.

Grandma and ma allus say like if you build a house you want to put all

the winders in you ever goin' to want. It bad luck to cut in and put in

nother one. Sign of a death. I ain't got no business tellin' you bout

that. White folks don't believe in signs.

"I been raisin' up childern--'dopted childern, washin', ironin',

scourin', hoein', gatherin' corn, pickin' cotton, patchin', cookin'.

They ain't nothin' what I ain't done.

"No'm, I sure ain't voted. I don't believe in women votin'. They don't

know who to vote for. The men don't know neither. If folks visited they

would care more bout the other an wouldn't be so much devilment goin'


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