Mose Minser

El Dorado District


Name of Interviewer: Pernella Anderson

Subject: Slavery Customs


Information given by: Mose Minser--Farmer--Age--78

Place of Residence: 5 miles from El Dorado--Section 8

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Ah use ter could tawk an tell a thing plum well but ah been broke up by

a cah. Cah run ovah mah haid an ah couldn' tawk fuh 30 days. So now ah

aint no good fuh nothin. Ah recollect one night ah dream a dream. De

dream at ah dreamt, next morning dat dream come true. Jes like ah dreamt

hit. Yes hit did. Ah wuz heah in slavery time. Ah membuh when dey freed

us niggers. Se here, ah wuz a purty good size kid when dey free us. Ah

kin membuh our house. Sot dis way. An ole Marster called all his niggers

up. Dey all come along roun in a squad on de porch. Ah did not heah whut

he said tuh em. But mah step-pa wuz dere an tole us we wuz free. Ah

atter dey freed mah step-pa ah recollect he went on home and fried some

aigs (eggs) in de ubben. Know we didn have no stove we cooked on de

fiuhplace. As ah said cook dem aigs, gimme some uv hit, an he lef' den.

Went east and ah aint nevah seed dat man since. Ah membuhs once ah got a

whoopin bout goin tuh de chinquepin tree. Some uv um tole me ole master

wuz gwianter let us quit at dinnuh an so in place uv me goin ter dinnuh

ah went on by de chinquepin tree tuh git some chanks. Ah had a brothuh

wid me. So ah come tuh fine out dat dey gin tuh callin us. Dey hollered

tuh come on dat we wuz gointer pick cotton. So in place uv us goin on

tuh de house we went on back tuh de fiel'. Our fiel wuz bout a mile fum

de house. Ole Moster waited down dere at de gate. He call me when ah got

dere an wanted tuh know why ah didn come and git mah dinnah sos ah could

pick cotton. So he taken mah britches down dat day. Mah chinks all run

out on de groun' an he tole mah brothah tuh pick um up. Ah knocked mah

brothuh ovah fuh pickin um up an aftuh ah done dat ole moster taken his

red pocket han'cher out and tied hit ovah mah eyes tuh keep me fum seein

mah brothuh pick um up.

So when he got through wid me and put mah britches back on me ah went on

tuh de fiel and went tuh pickin cotton. Dat evenin when us stop pickin

cotton ah took mah brothah down and taken mah chinquapins.

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