Mose Moss

Interviewer: Thomas Elmore Lucy

Person interviewed: Mose Moss, Russellville, Arkansas

Age: 65

"Mose Moss is my name, suh, and I was born in 1875 in Yell County. My

father was born in old Virginny in 1831 and died in Yell County,

Arkansas, eight miles from Dardanelle, in 1916. Yes suh, I've lived in

Pope County a good many years. I recollects some things pretty well and

some not so good.

"Yes suh, my father used to talk a heap about the Ku Klux Klan, and a

lot of the Negroes were afraid of em and would run when they heard they

was comin' around.

"My father's name was Henry Moss. He run away from the plantation in

Virginia before the War had been goin' on very long, and he j'ined the

army in Tennessee--yes suh, the Confedrit army. Ho suh, his name was

never found on the records, so didn't never draw no pension.

"After he was freed he always voted the Republican ticket till he died.

"After the War he served as Justice of the Peace in his township in Yell

County. Yes suh, that was the time they called the Re-con-struc-tion.

"I vote the Republican ticket, but sometimes I don't vote at the reg'lar

elections. No, I've never had any trouble with my votin'.

"I works at first one thing and another but ain't doin' much now. Work

is hard to get. Used to work mostly at the mines. Not able to do much of

late years.

"Oh, yes, I remember some of the old songs they used to sing when my

parents was living: 'Old-Time Religion' was one of em, and 'Swing Low,

Sweet Chariot' was another one we liked to sing."

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