Nancy Whallen

Iris L Cook

District #4

Floyd County



924 Pearl St.

New Albany, Ind.

Nancy Whallen is now about 81 years of age. She doesn't know exactly.

She was about 5 year of age when Freedom was declared. Nancy was born

and raised in Hart County near Hardinsburg, Kentucky. She is very hard

to talk to as her memory is failing and she can not hear very well.

The little negro girl lived the usual life of a rural negro in Civil War

Time and afterwards. She remembers the "sojers" coming thru the place

and asking for food. Some of them camped on the farm and talked to her

and teased her.

She tells about one big nigger called "Scott" on the place who could

outwork all the others. He would hang his hat and shirt on a tree limb

and work all day long in the blazing sun on the hottest day.

The colored folk, used to have revivals, out in the woods. They would

sometimes build a sort of brush shelter with leaves for a roof and

service a would be held here. Preachin' and shouting' sometimes lasted

all day Sundays. Colored folks came from miles around when they possibly

could get away. These affairs were usually held away from the "white

folks" who seldom if ever saw these gatherings.

Observation of the writer.

The old woman remembers the Big Eclipse of the sun or the "Day of Dark"

as she called it. The chickens all went to roost and the darkies all

thought the end of the world had come. The cattle lowed and everyone was

scared to death.

She lived down in Kentucky after the War until she was quite a young

woman and then came to Indiana where she has lived ever since. She lives

now with her daughter in New Albany.

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