Nannie Jones

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Nannie Jones

1601 Saracen Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 81

"Good morning. Come in. I sure is proud to see you. Yes ma'am, I sure


"I was born in Chicot County. I heerd Dr. Gaines say I was four years

old in slavery times. I know I ain't no baby. I feels my age, too--in

my limbs.

"I heerd 'em talk about a war but I wasn't big enough to know about

it. My father went to war on one side but he didn't stay very long. I

don't know which side he was on. Them folks all dead now--I just can

remember 'em.

"Dr. Gaines had a pretty big crew on the place. I'm gwine tell you

what I know. I can't tell you nothin' else.

"Now I want to tell it like mama said. She said she was sold from

Kentucky. She died when I was small.

"I remember when they said the people was free. I know they jumped up

and down and carried on.

"Dr. Gaines was so nice to his people. I stayed in the house most of

the time. I was the little pet around the house. They said I was so


"Dr. Gaines give me my age but I lost it movin'. But I know I ain't no

baby. I never had but two children and they both livin'--two girls.

"Honey, I worked in the field and anywhere. I worked like a man. I

think that's what got me bowed down now. I keeps with a misery right

across my back. Sometimes I can hardly get along.

"Honey, I just don't know 'bout this younger generation. I just don't

have no thoughts for 'em, they so wild. I never was a rattlin' kind of

a girl. I always was civilized. Old people in them days didn't 'low

their children to do things. I know when mama called us, we'd better

go. They is a heap wusser now. So many of 'em gettin' into trouble."

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