Nannie P Madden

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Nannie P. Madden

West Memphis, Arkansas

Age: 69

"I am Martha Johnson's sister. I was born at Lake Village, Arkansas. I

am 69 years old. I was born on Mr. Ike Wethingtons place. Pa was

renting. Mother died in 1876 on this farm. We called it Red Leaf

plantation. Father died at Martha Johnson's here in West Memphis when he

was 88 years old.

"Mother was not counted a slave. Her master's Southern wife (white wife)

disliked her very much but kept her till her death. Mother had three

white children by her master. After freedom she married a black man and

had four children by him. We are in the last set.

"We was born after slavery and all we know is from hearing our people

talk. Father talked all time about slavery. He was a soldier. I couldn't

tell you straight. I can give you some books on slavery:

Booker T. Washington's Own Story of His Life and Work,

64 page supplement, by Albon L. Holsey

Authentic Edition--in office of Library of Congress,

Washington, D.C., 1915, copywrighted by J.L. Nichols


The Master Mind of a Child of Slavery--Booker T. Washington,

by Frederick E. Drinker, Washington, D.C.

I have read them both. Yes, they are my own books.

"I farmed and cooked all my life."

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