Nettie Hopson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Nettie Hopson

Helena (home--Poplar Grove), Arkansas

Age: ?

"I don't know how old I is. I am old. I been here so long. I feel my age

now right smart. I want to do things and give out. I know I'm old. I

look old. I was born in Alabama.

"Mother was sold to Bud Walls at Holly Grove. Papa bought her and

brought us to this state. My father died seven months before I was born

my mother told me. She married ag'in. She was the mother of ten

children. We all lived and do better than we do now. Mother was light.

She worked in the field ever since I come to know 'bout things. Her name

was Martha Foster. I don't know my father's name but Foster. The rest of

the family was called Walls. Whether they wanted to be called that, they

was called Walls' niggers 'fore and after freedom both.

"My husband is living. My daughter died first day of March. It sorter

addled me."

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