Pink Holly

--- 29 1938

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Pink Holly

Holly Grove, Arkansas

Age: 70

"I was born in Anderson County, South Carolina. My papa was Abe Brown

and my mama was Lizzie White. She died when I was a baby and Miss Nancy

White took me up to her house and raised me. Her husband was Mars Henry

White. They was good to me. Miss Nancy was the best. They treated me

like their own boy. It was done freedom then but my papa stayed on the

place. I learned to do up the night turns, slop the hogs and help bout

the milkin'. They had young calves to pull off. I toted in the wood and

picked up chips. She done everything for me and all the mother I knowed.

"When I was seven years old my papa pulled me off to Arkansas. We come

on a immigration ticket, least I recken we did. I don't think my papa

paid our way. We was brought here. The land was better they told em.

"We settled in the woods close to Mariana and commenced farmin'. I been

farmin' and workin' in the timber and I carpenters a little. The timber

is gone.

"I supports myself all I can. I own a little house at Clarendon I recken

is the reason I don't get no Government help."

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