Robert Howard

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District #6

Marion County

Anna Pritchett

1200 Kentucky Avenue



1840 Boulevard Place

Robert Howard, an ex-slave, was born in 1852, in Clara County, Kentucky.

His master, Chelton Howard, was very kind to him.

The mother, with her five children, lived on the Howard farm in peace

and harmony.

His father, Beverly Howard, was owned by Bill Anderson, who kept a

saloon on the river front.

Beverly was "hired out" in the house of Bill Anderson. He was allowed to

go to the Howard farm every Saturday night to visit with his wife and

children. This visit was always looked forward to with great joy, as

they were devoted to the father.

The Howard family was sold only once, being owned first by Dr. Page in

Henry County, Kentucky. The family was not separated; the entire family

was bought and kept together until slavery was abolished.

Interviewer's Comment

Mr. Howard seems to be a very kind old man, lives in the house for aged

colored people (The Alpha Home).

He has no relatives, except a brother. He seems well satisfied living in

the home.

Submitted January 10, 1938

Indianapolis, Indiana

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