Roberta Shaver

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Roberta Shaver, West Memphis, Arkansas

Age: 50

"I was born close to Natchez, Mississippi. Grandma was sold at Wickerson

County, Mississippi. They took her in a wagon to Jackson, Tennessee. She

was mother of two children. They took them. She was part Indian. She was

a farm woman. Her name was Dicy Jackson. They sold her away from the

Jacksons to Dobbins. She was a house woman in Jackson, Tennessee. She

said they was good to her in Tennessee. Grandma never was hit a lick in

slavery. Grandpa was whooped a time or two. He run off to the woods for

weeks and come back starved. He tended to the stock and drove Master

Clayton around. He was carriage driver when they wanted to go places.

"After freedom grandma set out to get back to grandpa. Walked and rode

too I reckon. She brought her children back. After a absence of

five years she and grandpa went back together. They met at Natchez,

Mississippi. Mama was born after freedom.

"The way grandma said she was sold was, a strange man come there one day

and the master had certain ones he would sell stand in a line and

this strange man picked out the ones he wanted and had them get their

belongings and put them in the wagon and took them on off. She never

seen grandpa for five years."

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