Rosa Hardy


Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Rosa Hardy

Biscoe, Arkansas

Age: ?

"I was born in Brownsville, Tennessee. My mother died when I was real

young, and I had no father. Pike Sutton was mother's master. He was my

old grandfather. He owned a big farm. Tove Sutton was his son and my

father. Mother was light but not as light as I am. I had a sister older

than I am I lived with. I never lived among white folks except in a town

with them. I don't know a thing about my people to tell. I don't know my

age. I give myself a birthday. I don't know the day nor month I was

born. But I'm old. I can count back enough to tell that.

"I work in the sewing room. I'm the oldest woman in there at De Valls

Bluff. I get twenty-one dollars and this month I am to get twenty-seven.

"If you don't have work times are not good. I know that. I don't hardly

know the young generation. Of course I see them but that is all. They

hurrying their way and I'm going my way."

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