Rosetta Davis

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Rosetta Davis, Marianna, Arkansas

Age: 55

"I was born in Phillips County, Arkansas. My folks' master was named Dr.

Jack Spivy. Grandma belong to him. She was a field woman. I don't know

if he was a good master er not. They didn't know it was freedom till

three or four months. They was at work and some man come along and said

he was going home, the War was over. Some of the hands asked him who win

and he told them the Yankees and told them they was free fer as he

knowed. They got to inquiring and found out they done been free. They

made that crap I know and I don't recollect nothing else.

"I farmed at Foreman, Arkansas for Taylor Price, Steve Pierce, John

Huey. I made a crap here with Will Dale. I come to Arkansas twenty-nine

years ago. I come to my son. He had a cleaning and pressing shop here

(Marianna). He died. I hired to the city to work on the streets. I never

been in jail. I owned a house here in town till me and my wife

separated. She caused me to lose it. I was married once.

"I get ten dollars a month from the gover'ment.

"The present time is queer. I guess I could git work if I was able to do

it. I believe in saving some of what you make along. I saved some along

and things come up so I had to spend it. I made so little.

"Education has brought about a heap of unrest somehow. Education is good

fer some folks and not good fer some. Some folks git spoilt and lazy. I

think it helped to do it to the people of today."

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