Rosie Johnson

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Rosie Johnson,

Holly Grove, Arkansas

Age: 76

"I was born and raised on Mr. Dial's place. Mama belong to them. My

papa belong to Frank Kerr. His old mistress' name Jane Roberts in

Alabama. His folks come from Alabama. He say Jane Roberts wouldn't

sell her slaves. They was aired (heired) down mong the children. David

Dial had sebral children and mama was his house girl and nurse. They

was married in Dial's yard. My papa name Jacob Kerr. They took me to

Texas when I warn't but two years old. We rode in the covered wagon

where they hauled the provisions. They muster stayed a pretty good

time. I heard em talkin' what all they raised out there and what a

difference they found in the country. They wanted to go. They didn't

wanter be in the war they said. It was too close to suit them.

"I recken I was too small to recollect the Ku Klux. I heard em talk

bout how mean the Jayhaws was.

"I never voted. What business I got votin' I would jes' lak you tell

me? I don't believe in it no more'n nuthin'.

"I been farmin' all my life. I had fourteen children. Eight livin'

now. They scattered bout up North. It took meat and bread to put in

their mouths and somebody workin' to get it there I tell you. There

ain't a lazy bone in me. I jes' give out purty nigh. I wash and iron

some when I ken get it.

"I got a hog and a garden. I ain't got nuthin' else. I don't own no

house, no place. I got a few chickens bout the place what eat up the

scraps what the pig don't get.

"I signed up three years ago. I don't get nuthin' now. What I scrape

round and make is all I has.

"I was born in June 1861. I don't recollect what day they said. Pear

lack it been so long. When it come to work I recken I is had a hard

time all my life. I never minded nuthin' till I got so slow and no


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