Sam Keaton

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Sam Keaton,

Brinkley, Ark.

Age: 78

"I was born close to Golden Hill down in Arkansas County. My parents

names was Louana and Dennis Keaton. They had ten children. Their

master was Mr. Jack Keaton and Miss Martha. They had four boys. They

all come from Virginia in wagons the second year of the war--the Civil

War. I heard 'em tell about walking. Some of em walked, some rode

horse back and some in wagons. I don't know if they knowed bout slave

uprisings or not. I know they wasn't in em because they come here wid

Mr. Jack Keaton. It was worse in Virginia than it was down here wid

them. Mr. Keaton didn't give em nothing at freedom. They stayed on

long as they wanted to stay and then they went to work for Mr. Jack

Keaton's brother, Mr. Ben Keaton. They worked on shares and picked

cotton by the hundred. My parents staid on down there till they died.

I been working for Mr. Floria for thirty years.

"My father did vote. He voted a Republican ticket. I haven't voted for

fifty years. They that do vote in the General election know very

little bout what they doing. If they could vote in the Primary they

would know but a mighty little about it. The women ain't got no

business voting. Their place is at home. They cain't keep their houses

tidied up and like they oughter be and go out and work regularly.

That's the reason I think they oughter stay at home and train the

children better than it being done.

"I think that the young generation is going to be lost. They killing

and fighting. They do everything. No, they don't work much as I do.

They don't save nothing! They don't save nothing! Times is harder than

they used to be some. Nearly everybody wants to live in town. My age

is making times heap harder for me. I live with my daughter. I am a

widower. I owns 40 acres land, a house, a cow. I made three bales

cotton, but I owe it bout all. I tried to get a little help so I could

get out of debt but I never could get no 'sistance from the Welfare."

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