Sarah Anderson Interviewed By Bernice Bowden

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Sarah Anderson

3815 W. Second Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 78?

"I don't know when I was born. When the Civil War ended, I was bout four

or five years old.

"I jes' remember when the people come back--the soldiers--when the War

ended. We chillun run under the house. That was the Yankees.

"I was born in Bibb County, Georgia. That's where I was bred and born.

"I been in Arkansas ever since I was fourteen. That was shortly after

the Civil War, I reckon. We come here when they was emigratin' to

Arkansas. I'm tellin' you the truth, I been here a long time.

"I member when the soldiers went by and we chillun run under the house.

It was the Yankee cavalry, and they made so much noise. Dat's what the

old folks told us. I member dat we run under the house and called our

self hidin'.

"My master was Madison Newsome and my missis was Sarah Newsome. Named

after her? Must a done it. Ma and her chillun was out wallowin' in the

dirt when the Yankees come by. Sometimes I stayed in the house with my

white folks all night.

"My mother and father say they was well treated. That's what they say.

"Old folks didn't low us chillun round when they was talkin' bout their

business, no ma'am.

"We stayed with old master a good while after freedom--till they

commenced emigratin' from Georgia to Arkansas. Yes ma'am!

"I'm the mother of fourteen chillun--two pairs of twins. I married

young--bout fifteen or sixteen, I reckon. I married a young fellow. I

say we was just chaps. After he died, I married a old settled man and

now he's dead.

"I been livin' a pretty good life. Seems like the white folks just

didn't want me to get away from their chillun.

"All my chillun dead cept one son. He was a twin."

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