Senya Singfield

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Person interviewed: Senya Singfield

1613 W. Second Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Age: 74

"I was born in Washington, Virginia right at the foot of the Blue Ridge

Mountains. My mother was sold when I was a babe in her arms. She was

sold three times. I know one time when she had four children she was

sold and one of my brothers was sold away unbeknownst to her. Her old

master sold her away from her mistress. She was a cook and never was


"I ain't never been to school. When I got big enough, my mother was a

widow and I had to start out and make a living. I've always been a cook.

Used to keep a boarding house, up until late years. I've washed and

ironed, sewed a right smart and quilted quilts. I've done anything I

could to turn an honest living. Oh I've been through it but I'm still

here. I've been a widow over forty years.

"I think the folks nowdays are about run out. They are goin' too fast.

When I was comin' up, I had to have some manners. My mother didn't low

me to 'spute nobody."

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