Simon Gallman

Project 1885-1


Spartanburg Dist. 4

May 24, 1937

Edited by:

Elmer Turnage


"I was born about 1857, and belonged to Marse George Gallman who lived

in the Dutch Fork, on de old road to Pomaria, S.C. There was not a

better man to his slaves. When the Ku Klux went through, they never hurt

anybody at our place. The Padder-rollers never did harm any of Marse

George's slaves--he would not allow it.

"After the war when I married, I moved to Newberry, but first, I moved

to the Jalapa section and lived there ten years.

"I allus 'member the old wheat mill dat old Captain Ellerson had in

Dutch Fork, on Cannons Creek. All the neighbors would take their wheat

there to grind."

=Source:= Simon Gallman (80), Newberry, S.C.

Interviewer: G. L. Summer, Newberry, S.C. (5/18/37).

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