Sue Higgins


(Sue Higgins)

Myth: Notions about nature when the stars fell in 1833.

At the Old Thomas Kennedy farm (Uncle Tom's Cabin), young Tom and some

more boys were playing cards in one of the negro cabins. One of the

slaves went to the cabin door and called loudly, "Mas'r Tom! Come quick,

the whole heavens is falling." He continued to call. After much

persuasion and repeated calls from the old negro, young Tom said, "I'll

go and see what the D---- old negro wants". Young Tom went to the door

and saw the stars raining down. He ran to the big house and jumped on a

feather bed, and prayed loudly for help.

[Mrs. Jennie Slavin:]

When she was a child, Mrs. Slavin was our nearest neighbor. She said her

father used to tell her these tales. William Kavanaugh was her father.

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