Tanny Hill

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Tanny Hill

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 56? No record of age

"'Uncle Solomon' we all called him but he wasn't no kin to us, he was

the funniest old man I ever heard tell of. He was a slave. He belong to

Sorrel Crockell I heard him say. He didn't go to no war.

"When the War ended he was a fisherman in Arkansas. He used to tie his

own self to a tree keep the fish from pulling him in the river. He

caught big fish in the early times. He'd come to our house when I was

nothing but a child and bring 'nough fish for all our supper. Ma would

cook 'em. Pa would help him scale 'em. We'd love to see him come. He

lived thater way from house to house.

"One time he made me mad. I never had no more use for him. We'd give him

tomatoes and onions. He told us to go bring him thater watermelon out of

the garden. He cut and eat it before us. Never give us a bite. He was

saying, 'You goiner get your back and belly beat black and blue.' I

didn't know what he was saying. Grandma found the watermelon was gone. I

owned up to it. Ma got switches and whooped us. I was singing what he

was saying. Grandma tole me what he meant. From that on we had no more

of his good fish."

Interviewer's Comment

Large, medium black.

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