Tom Morgan

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Tom Morgan, Madison, Arkansas

Age: 71

"My mother was the mother of fourteen of us children. Their names was

Sarah and Richard Morgan.

"My great-grandfather b'long to Bill Woods. They had b'long to the

Morgans and when freedom come they changed their names back. Some of

them still owned by Morgans.

"Mother's owners was Auris and Lucella Harris. They had a boy named

Harley Harris and a girl. He had a small farm.

"Mother said her master wasn't bad, but my father said his owner was

tough on him--tough on all of them. They was all field hands. They had

to git up and be doing. He said they fed by torch morning and night and

rested in the heat of the day two or three hours. Feed the oxen and

mules. In them days stock and folks all et three times a day. I does

real well now to get two meals a day, sometimes but one. They done some

kind of work all the year 'round. He said they had tasks. They better

git the task done or they would get a beating.

"I haven't voted in so long a time. I voted Republican. I thought I did.

"I worked at the railroad till they put me off. They put me off on

disability. Trying to git my papers fixed up to work or get something

one. Back on the railroad job. I farmed when I was young."

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