Uncle Marion Johnson



[Date Stamp: OCT 26 1936]

"Yes young missey ah'll sho tell yo-all whut yo wants ter know. Yes'm

ole Uncle Marion sho kin. Mah price is fo' bits fer one question.

No'm, not fo' bits fo th' two uv yo but fo' bits each. Yo say yo all

ain't got much money and yo all both wants ter know th' same thing.

Well ah reckon since yo all is been comin' roun' and tawkin' to ole

Uncle Marion ah cud make hit answer th' one question fuh both uv yo

fuh fo' bits 'tween yo. No'm ah caint bring hit out heah. Yo all will

haft tuh come inside th' house."

"[TR: " should be (]We went inside the house and Uncle Marion

unwrapped his voodoo instrument which proved to be a small glass

bottle about 2-1/2 inches tall wrapped to the neck in pink washable

adhesive tape and suspended from a dirty twine about six inches long.

At the top of the twine was a slip knot and in a sly way Uncle Marion

would twist the cord before asking the question. If the cord was

twisted in one direction the bottle would swing in a certain direction

and if the cord was twisted in the other direction the bottle would

swing in the opposite direction. Uncle Marion thought that we did not

observe this and of course we played dumb. By twisting the cord and

slyly working the muscles of his arm Uncle Marion made his instrument

answer his questions in the way that he wished them answered.)

"Now ifn the answer to huh question is yais swing towards huh and ifn

taint be still. (The bottle slowly swung toward me.) Now missy see hit

have done answered yo question and yo done seed hit say yes. Yes'm hit

sho am yes and yo' jes wait and see ifn ole Uncle Marion aint right.

Now yo jes answer the same question fuh tother young missy heah. Now

ifn the answer is yais yo turn toward huh which am the opposite to

which yo jes turnt and ifn the answer is no sta' still. (The bottle

then slowly turned around and went in Mrs. Thompson's direction.)

"Yo say whut do ah call dis heah? Ah calls hit a "jack". Yas'm hits a

jack an' hit sho will answer any question yo wants ter ask hit. No'm

yo cuden ask hit yo-self. Ah would haft ter ask hit fer yo. An' let me

tell yo' ole Uncle Marion sho kin help youall chillun. Ah kin help yo

all ward off evil and jinx; ah kin help yo all git a job; ah kin help

yo all ovah come the ruination uv yo home. Uncle Marion sho cain give

yo a helpin good luck hand. Ah cain help yo ovah come yo enemies.

"Now since ah knows yo young misses am in'erested an ah knows yo will

sen' othah fokes tuh me what am in trouble ah am gointer tell yo all

whut some uv mah magic remidies is so yo all kin tell fokes that ah

have them yarbs (herbs) fuh sale. Yes'm ah has them yarbs right hea

fuh sale and hit sho will work too.

"Now thar is High John the Conquerer Root. If'n yo totes one o' them

roots in yo pocket yo will nevah be widout money. No mam. And you'll

always conquer yo troubles an yo enemies. An fokes can sho git them

yarbs thru me. Efn Uncle Marion don' have non on han' he sho kin git

em for em.

"Den dar is five finger grass, ah kin git dat fuh yo too. Ifn dat is

hung up ovah th' bedstid hit brings restful sleep and keeps off evil.

Each one uv dem five fingahs stans for sumpin too. One stans fuh good

luck, two fuh money, thee fuh wisdom, fo' fuh power an five fuh love.

"Yas'm an ah kin buil' a unseen wall aroun' yo so as ter keep evil,

jinx and enemies way fum yo and hit'll bring heaps uv good luck too.

The way ah does hit is this way: Ah takes High John the Conqueror Root

and fixes apiece of red flannel so as ter make a sack and puts hit in

the sack along wid magnetic loadstone, five finger grass, van van oil,

controllin' powdah and drawin powdah and the seal uv powah. This heah

mus be worn aroun the neck and sprinkle hit ever mornin fuh seven

mornins wid three drops uv holy oil. Then theah is lucky han' root.

Hit looks jes like a human han'. If yo carries hit on yo person hit

will shake yo jinx and make yo a winnah in all kinds o games and

hit'll help yo choose winnin numbers."

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