Vera Roy Bobo

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Vera Roy Bobo (Mulatto, almost white)

Holly Grove, Arkansas

Age: 62

"My parents come from Macon, Georgia. My mother was Margaret Cobb. Her

people were owned by the Cobbs. They reared her. She was a house girl

and a seamstress. She sewed for both white and black. She was light


"My father was St. Roy Holmes. He was a C.M.E. preacher in Georgia and

later in Arkansas. He came on the train to Forrest City, 1885. He

crossed the Mississippi River on a ferry boat. Later he preached at

Wynne. He was light color.

"I never heard them say very much about slavery. This was their own


"My husband's father was the son of a white man also--Randall Bobo. He

used to visit us from Bobo, Mississippi. The Bobo a owned that town and

were considered rich people. My husband was some darker and was born at

Indian Bay, Arkansas. He was William Bobo. I never knew him till two

months before I married him. We had a home wedding and a wedding supper

in this house."

(This may be continued)

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