Wb Morgan


(Mildred Roberts)

Many of the following stories were related by Mr. W.B. Morgan who at one

time owned and operated a livery barn. He hired several negroes to look

after the horses and hacks, and remembers many funny tales about them

and others:

"Kie Coleman, one of my employees, was standing without the livery

stable smoking a two-fer cigar that some one had given him. Another

negro walked up to chat with him, and he reared back and said "Get away

nigger, nothing but the rich can endure life."

"I was hauling grain for the distillery. One morning I came down to the

barn, and Kie was too drunk to take his team out. I gave him a good

going over about wasting his money that way instead of saving it for a

decent funeral. This is one of the best ways to appeal to a darkey

because if there is any thing they like it is a big funeral.

"He just kinda staggered up to me and said "Boss, I don't worry a bit

about dat. White folks don't like to smell a live nigger and I'se knows

good and well da hain't gwine to lebe no dead nigger laying on top of de


"I furnished the horses for the hearse, and one night I tole the boys to

leave it in the stable because we were going to have another funeral the

next day.

"Each night one of the boys had to sleep in the office, and this

particular night it was Bill's turn. Bill was an old, one-legged negro

and very superstitious. He said:

"Boss, this is my night to stay here, and you know, boss, I sho likes to

work for you, but I jest tells you now there jest hain't room in this

here house fer me and that black wagon at night." I moved the hearse."

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