Wd Miller

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: W.D. Miller, West Memphis, Arkansas

Age: 65?

"Grandpa was sold twice in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was sold twice to

the same people, from the Millers to the Robertsons (Robersons,

Robinsons, etc.?). He said the Robertsons were not so very good to him

but the Millers were. Grandma was washing when a Yank come and told them

they had been sot free. They quit washing and went from house to house

rejoicing. My parents' names was Jesse and Mary Miller, and Grandma

Agnes and Grandpa Peter Miller. The Robertsons was hill wheat farmers.

The Millers had a cloth factory. Dan Miller owned it and he raised

wheat. Mama was a puny woman and they worked her in the factory. She

made cloth and yarn.

"I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina or close by there. My father's

uncle John House brought about one hundred families from North Carolina

to Quittenden County, Mississippi. I was seven years old. He said they

rode mules to pick cotton, it growed up like trees. We come in car

boxes. I came to Heath and Helena eleven years ago. Papa stayed with his

master Dan Miller till my uncle tolled him away. He died with smallpox

soon after we come to Mississippi.

"It is a very good country but they don't pick cotton riding on mules,

at least I ain't seed none that way."

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