Wester Thomas

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Wester Thomas, Marianna, Arkansas

Age: 79

"I was born in Sumpter County (Mississippi?). My mother was sold to

Dr. and Miss Kate Hadley. My mother's name was Lettie Williams and she

married Wesley Thomas. My name is Wester Thomas. I'm seventy-nine years

old. Mistress Kate raised me. Dr. Hadley had more than a hundred slaves.

"I can tell you about freedom. Two men in uniforms come and told master.

He had the farm bell rung. They told them the Civil War was over. They

was free. The niggers went back to their quarters. Some moved later. My

folks never left. Dr. Hadley died. Mistress Kate took all that wanted to

go to Louisiana then. We cleared up land down there. Later I farmed."

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