William And Charlotte Guess

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Persons interviewed: William and Charlotte Guess

West Memphis, Arkansas

Ages: 68 and 66

William Guess

"I was born in Monroe County, Arkansas. Father come from Dallas, Texas

when a young man before he married. Him and two other men was shipped in

a box to Indian Bay. I've heard him and Ike Jimmerson laugh how they got

bumped and bruised, hungry and thirsty in the box. I forgot the name of

the other man in the box. They was sent on a boat and changed boats

where they got tumbled up so bad. It was in slavery or war times one.

White folks nailed them up and opened them up too I think. Father was

born in Dallas, Texas. Mother was a small woman and come from Tennessee.

Billy Boyce in Monroe County owned her. That is the most I ever heard my

folks tell about the Civil War."

Charlotte Guess

"Mother was born in Dallas, Texas. She was born into slavery. She was a

field woman. She was sold there and brought to Mississippi at about the

close of the Civil War. She was sold from her husband and two children.

She never seen them. She farmed cotton and corn in Texas. Her husband

whooped her, so she was glad to be sold. She married after the surrender

to another man in Mississippi. No, he didn't beat her. They had

disputes. She was the mother of ten children. She lived to be 82 years

old. She went from Arkansas back to Mississippi to die."


It would be interesting if I could find out more about why the Negroes

were sent in the box. He seemed not to know all about it. This Negro man

when young was a light mulatto. He is light for his age. He looks and

acts white. Has a spot on one eye.

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