Willie Buck Charleston

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: Willie Buck Charleston, Jr., Biscoe, Arkansas

Age: 74

"I was born up here on the Biscoe place before Mr. Biscoe was heard of

in this country. I'm for the world like my daddy. He was light as I is.

I'm jus' his size and make. There was three of us boys. Dan was the

oldest; he was my own brother, and Ed was my half-brother. My daddy was

a fellar of few words and long betwix' 'em. He was in the Old War (Civil

War). He was shot in his right ankle and never would let it be took out.

Mother had been a cook. She and my grandmother was sold in South

Carolina and brought out here. Mother's name was Sallie Harry. Judging

by them being Harrys that might been who owned them before they was

sold. She was about as light as me. Mother died when I was a litter bit

er of a fellar. Then me and Dan lived from house to house. Grandma Harry

and my Aunt Mat and Jesse Dove raised us. My daddy married right er way


"I recollect mighty little about the war. We lived back in the woods and

swamps. I was afraid of the soldiers. I seen them pass by. I was so

little I can barely recollect seeing them and hiding from them.

"When we lived over about Forrest City I seen the Ku Klux whoop Joe Saw

and Bill Reed. It was at night. They was tied to trees and whooped with

a leather snake whoop. I couldn't say how it come up but they sure

poured it on them. There was a crowd come up during the acting. I was

scared to death then. After then I had mighty little use for dressed-up

folks what go around at night (Ku Klux). I can tell you no sich thing

ever took place as I heard of at Biscoe. We had our own two officers and

white officers and we get along all the time tollerably well together."

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