Winnie Davis

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden

Subject: Ex-Slaves


This information given by: Winnie Davis (C)

Place of residence: 304 E. Twenty-First Street

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Occupation: None

Age: 100

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"Katie Butler was my old missis 'fore I married my husband. His name

David Davis. I cooked for Jeff Davis and took care of his daughter,

Winnie. I stayed with old missis, Jeff Davis' wife, till she died. She

made me promise I'd stay with her. That was in Virginia."

(I have made three trips trying to get information and pictures of

Winnie Davis. Her granddaughter said that a good many years ago when

Winnie's mind was good, she was down town shopping and that when she

gave her name, the clerk said, "Were you named after Jeff Davis'

daughter?" and that Winnie replied, "She must have been named after me

'cause I cooked for Jeff Davis 'fore she was born."

Her mind is not very good at times, but the day I took her picture, I

asked who she used to cook for and she said, "Jeff Davis."

She is rather deaf, nearly blind and toothless, but can get around the

house quite well. The neighbors say that she has been a hard worker and

of a very high-strung temperament.

The granddaughter, Mattie Sneed, says her grandmother said she was sold

in Virginia when she was eight years old.)

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