Wl Pollacks

Interviewer: Miss Irene Robertson

Person interviewed: W.L. Pollacks

Brinkley, Arkansas

Age: 68

"I was born in Shelby County Tennessee. My folks all come from Richmond,

Virginia. They come to Kentucky and then on to Tennessee. I am 68 years

old. My father's master was Joe Rollacks and Mrs. Chicky they called his

wife. My mother's master was Joe Ricks and they all called his wife Miss

Fee. I guess it was Pheobe or Josephine but they never called her by

them names. Seemed like they was all kin folks. I heard my mother say

she dress up in some of the white folks dresses and hitch up the buggy,

take dinner and carry two girls nearly grown out to church and to big

picnics. She liked that. The servants would set the table and help the

white folks plates at the table. Said they had a heap good eating. She

had a plenty work to do but she got to take the girls places where the

parents didn't want to go. She said they didn't know what to do wid

freedom. She said it was like weening a child what never learned to eat

yet. I forgot what they did do. She said work was hard to find and money

scarce. They find some white folks feed em to do a little work. She said

a nickle looked big as a dollar now. They couldn't buy a little bit.

They like never get nough money to buy a barrel of flour. It was so

high. Seem like she say I was walking when they got a barrel of flour.

So many colored folks died right after freedom. They caught consumption.

My mother said they was exposed mo than they been used to and mixing up

in living quarters too much what caused it. My father voted a Republican

ticket. I ain't voted much since I come to Arkansas. I been here 32

years. My farm failed over in Tennessee. I was out lookin' round for

farmin' land, lookin' round for good work. I farmed then I worked seven

or eight years on the section, then I helped do brick work till now I

can't do but a mighty little. I had three children but they all dead. I

got sugar dibeates.

"The present times are tough on sick people. It is hard for me to get a

living. I find the young folks all for their own selves. If I was well I

could get by easy. If a man is strong he can get a little work along.

"The times and young generation both bout to run away wid themselves,

and the rest of the folks can't stop em 'pears to me like."

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