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Abram Harris

Adeline Burris

Alice Biggs

Alice Davis

Alice Dixon

Ambus Gray

Amsy O Alexander Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

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Annie Beck

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Annie Hill

Aunt Adeline Interviewed By Zillah Cross Peel

Aunt Mittie Freeman

Beatrice Black

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Betty Curlett

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Carrie Bradley And Logan Bennet

Charles Anderson Interviewed By Irene Robertson

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Charlie Hinton

Clark Hill

Clark Hill

Clark Hill

Clark Hill

Cora Gillam

Cora L Horton

Cyrus Bellus

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Diana Alexander Brinkley Arkansas Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Doc Flowers

Dora Holmes

Dr D B Gaines

Ed Allen Des Arc Interviewed By Miss Irene Robertson

Eda Harper

Eda Harper

Edward Bradley

El Byrd

El Dorado Division Interviewed By Pernella Anderson

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Eliza Frazier

Eliza Hays

Elizabeth Brannon

Elizabeth Hines

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Ella Glespie

Ellen Brass

Ellen Cragin

Ellen Fitzgerald

Ellie Hamilton

Elmira Hill

Emma Barr

Emma Foster

Emma Foster

Emmett Augasta Byrd

Emmett Beal

Enoch Beel

Ex-slave History

Ex-slave History Old Sayings

Ex-slave Jeff Bailey Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

F H Brown

Fannie Alexander Helena Arkansas Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Fannie Clemons

Fannie Dorum

Fanny Finney

Folklore Subjects

Frances Fluker

Frank Briles

Frank Cannon

Frank Fikes

Frank Greene

Frank William Glenn

G W Hawkins

Gate-eye Fisher

George Benson

George Braddox

George Brown

George Govan

George Greene

Gillie Hill

Green Gray

H B Holloway

Hammett Dell

Hannah Hancock

Hannah Hancock

Happy Day Green

Harriett Hill

Hattie Hill

Hatty Haskell

Henry Anthony Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Henry Banner Interviewed By S S Taylor

Henry Blake

Henry Doyl

Henry Fitzhugh

Henry Green

Humorous Tales Of Slavery Days

Ida Bryant

Ida Harper

Ida May Fluker

Ira Foster

Ira Foster

Isaac Crawford

Isabella Duke

J N Gillespie

Jake Goodridge

James Baker Interviewed By Mary D Hudgins

James Bertrand

James Davis

James Dickey

James Gill

James Graham

Jane Birch

Je Filer

Jeff Burgess

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Jennie Butler

Jennie Ferrell

Jennie Wormly Gibson

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Jh Beckwith

Jh Curry

Jim Davis

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John Bowdry

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John W H Barnett Interviewed By Irene Robertson

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Joseph Samuel Badgett Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

Josephine Ames Interviewed By Pernella Anderson

Josephine Ann Barnett

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Judia Fortenberry

Julia Grace

Katherine Clay

Katie Arbery Interviewed By Bernice Bowden

Katie Dillon

Kato Benton

Laura Abromsom Rfd Holly Grove Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Laura Hart

Laura House

Lawrence Hampton

Lee Guidon

Leonard Franklin

Leroy Day

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Lewis Brown

Lewis Chase

Liddie Aiken Wheatley Arkansas Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Liddie Boechus

Lillie Baccus Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Liney Chambers

Linley Hadley

Lizzie Barnett

Lizzie Dunn

Lizzie Hawkens

Lucian Abernathy Marvell Interviewed By Watt Mckinney

Lucindy Allison Marked Tree Interviewed By Miss Irene Robertson

Lucius Edwards

Lucretia Alexander Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

Lucy Cotton

Luke D Dixon

Lyttleton Dandridge

Mack Brantley

Mag Brown

Maggie Broyles

Mandy Billings

Maria Sutton Clements

Maria Sutton Clements

Maria Sutton Clemments

Marie E Hervey

Martha Ann Dixon

Marthala Grant

Mary Allen Darrow

Mary Ann Brooks

Mary Brown

Mary Crosby

Mary Flagg

Mary Frazier

Mary Gaines

Mary Harris

Mary Jane Drucilla Davis

Mary Jane Hardridge

Mary Jane Hardrige

Matilda Bass

Matilda Hatchett

Mattie Aldridge Hazen Arkansas Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Mattie Brown

Mattie Fannen

Mattie Fritz

Mike Genes

Mildred Thompson

Millie Evans

Minerva Davis

Minnie Hollomon

Miss Adeline Blakeley

Molly Brown

Molly Finley

Molly Horn

Mose Banks Interviewed By Pernella M Anderson

Mose Evans

Mrs Lou Fergusson

Nancy Anderson Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Neely Gray

Negro Customs Peter Hamilton

Nellie Dunne

Nely Gray

Nettie Hopson

Norman Burkes

O C Hardy

Oliver Hill

Orleans Finger

Pauline Fakes

Pernella Anderson

Pernella Anderson Interviews Ex-slaves

Peter Brown

Phillis Hicks

Pink Holly

Rachel Bradley

Rachel Fairley

Rachel Hankins

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris

Railroad Dockery

Rb Anderson Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

Rebecca Brown Hill

Rev Frank T Boone

Richard Crump

Robert Barr

Robert Farmer

Rosa Hardy

Rose Adway Interviewed By Bernice Bowden

Rosetta Davis

Sallie Crane

Sarah And Tom Douglas

Sarah Anderson Interviewed By Bernice Bowden

Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas

Sebert Douglas

Selie Anderson Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Silas Abbott Rfd Brinkley Interviewed By Irene Robertson

Silas Dothrum

Slavery Days With Interviewer Velma Sample

Sophie D Belle

Spencer Barnett

Tanny Hill

Tom & Sarah Douglas

Tom Douglas

Tom Haynes

Tw Cotton

Tyler Frazier

Uncle William Baltimore Interviewed By Rs Taylor

Vera Roy Bobo

Virginia Jennie Davis

Wa Anderson Interviewed By Samuel S Taylor

Wade Dudley

Wash Dukes

Wash Ford

Wash Ford

Wesley Graves

Will Burks Sr

Will Glass

Will Hicks

William And Charlotte Guess

William Brown

William Brown

William Gant

William H Harrison

William Harris

William L Dunwoody

Willie Buck Charleston

Willie Doyld

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Zenie Cauley