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North Carolina

Alex Huggins

Anna Wright

Abner Jordan

Addy Gill

Adeline Crump

Adora Rienshaw

Alex Woods

Alice Baugh

Alonzo Haywood

Amy Penny

Analiza Foster

Anderson Scales

Andrew Boone

Ann Parker

Anna Mitchel

Annie Stephenson

Annie Tate

Anthony Ransome

Barbara Haywood

Ben Johnson

Betty Cofer

Bill Crump

Blount Baker

Bob Jones

Caroline Richardson

Catherine Scales

Catherine Williams

Celina Robinson

Chana Littlejohn

Chaney Hews

Chaney Spell

Charity Austin

Charity Mcallister

Charity Riddick

Charles Lee Dalton

Charles W Dickens

Charlie Barbour

Charlie Crump

Charlie H Hunter

Clara Cotton Mccoy

Clara Jones

Clara Jones Cannon Street

Clay Bobbit

Cornelia Andrews

Cy Hart

Dave Lawson

David Blount

Dilly Yelladay

Doc Edwards

Dorcas Griffeth

Elbert Hunter

Elias Thomas

Ellen Trell

Emeline Moore

Emma Blalock

Emma Stone

Essex Henry

Eustace Hodges

Fannie Dunn

Fannie Moore

Fanny Cannady

Frank Freeman

Frank Magwood

George Eatman

George Rogers

George W Harris

Georgianna Foster

Hannah Crasson

Hannah Plummer

Harriet Ann Daves

Hattie Rogers

Hecter Hamilton

Henrietta Mccullers

Henry Bobbitt

Henry James Trentham

Henry Rountree

Herndon Bogan

Hilliard Yellerday

Ida Adkins

Isaac Johnson

Isabell Henderson

Jacob Manson

Jacob Thomas

James Turner Mclean

Jane Anne Privette Upperman

Jane Arrington

Jane Lassiter

Jane Lee

Jennylin Dunn

Jerry Davis

Jerry Hinton

Joe High

John Beckwith

John C Bectom

John Coggin

John Daniels

John Evans

John H Jackson

John Smith Pettigrew Street

John Smith Wake County

John Thomas Williams

Joseph Anderson

Josephine Smith

Julia Crenshaw

Julius Nelson

Kitty Hill

Laura Bell

Laura Sorrell

Lila Nichols

Lily Perry

Lindsey Faucette

Lizzie Baker

Louisa Adams

Lucy Ann Dunn

Lucy Brown

Maggie Mails

Mandy Coverson

Margaret E Dickens

Margaret Thornton

Marjorie Jones

Martha Adeline Hinton

Martha Allen

Martha Organ

Mary Anderson

Mary Anngady

Mary Barbour

Mary Wallace Bowe

Mattie Curtis

Melissa Williamson

Midge Burnett

Millie Markham

Milly Henry

Nancy Watkins

Nellie Smith

Ophelia Whitley

Ora M Flagg

Parker Pool

Pastsy Mitchner

Penny Williams

Plaz Williams

Rena Raines

Rev Handy Williams

Rev Squire Dowd

Ria Sorrell

Richard C Moring

Robert Glenn

Robert Hinton

Roberta Manson

Rs Taylor

Sam T Stewart

Sarah Ann Smith

Sarah Anne Green

Sarah Debro

Sarah Gudger

Sarah Harris

Sarah Louise Augustus

Simuel Riddick

Susan High

Tanner Spikes

Tempe Pitts

Tempie Herndon Durham

Thomas Hall

Tillie Slave Daughter

Tina Johnson

Tiney Shaw

Tom Wilcox

Valley Perry

Viney Baker

W S Debnam

William George Hinton

William Scott

William Smith Oberline Road

William Sykes

Willie Cozart

Willie Mccullough

Zeb Crowder