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John Greenleaf Whittier

To William Lloyd Garrison
Toussaint L'ouverture
The Slave-ships
The Yankee Girl
The Hunters Of Men
Stanzas For The Times
Clerical Oppressors
A Summons
To The Memory Of Thomas Shipley
The Moral Warfare
The Pastoral Letter
The Farewell Of A Virginia Slave Mother To
Her Daughters Sold Into Southern Bondage
Pennsylvania Hall
The New Year
The Relic
The World's Convention
Massachusetts To Virginia
The Christian Slave
The Sentence Of John L Brown
The Sentence Of John L Brown
Texas Voice Of New England
To Faneuil Hall
To Massachusetts
New Hampshire
The Pine-tree
To A Southern Statesman
At Washington
The Branded Hand
The Freed Islands
A Letter
Lines From A Letter To A Young Clerical Friend
Daniel Neall
Song Of Slaves In The Desert
To Delaware
Randolph Of Roanoke
The Lost Statesman
The Slaves Of Martinique
The Curse Of The Charter-breakers
The Crisis
Lines On The Portrait Of A Celebrated Publisher
A Sabbath Scene
In The Evil Days
Moloch In State Street
Official Piety
The Rendition
Arisen At Last
The Haschish
For Righteousness' Sake
The Kansas Emigrants
Letter From A Missionary Of The Methodist Episcopal Church South, In Kansas, To A Distinguished Politician
Burial Of Barber
To Pennsylvania
Le Marais Du Cygne
The Pass Of The Sierra
A Song For The Time
What Of The Day?
A Song, Inscribed To The Fremont Clubs
The Panorama
Archdeacon Barbour
With Its Frontispiece, Ary Scheffer's "christus Consolator Americanized By The Omission Of The Black Man
The Summons
To William H Seward
Thy Will Be Done
A Word For The Hour
Luther's Hymn
To John C Fremont
The Watchers
To Englishmen
Mithridates At Chios
At Port Royal
Song Of The Negro Boatmen
Abolition Of Slavery In The District Of Columbia, 1862
The Battle Autumn Of 1862
Hymn Sung At Christmas By The Scholars Of St Helena's Island, S C
The Proclamation
Anniversary Poem
Barbara Frietchie
What The Birds Said
The Mantle Of St John De Matha A Legend Of "the Red, White, And Blue," A D 1154-1864
Laus Deo!
Hymn For The Celebration Of Emancipation At Newburyport
After The War The Peace Autumn
To The Thirty-ninth Congress
The Hive At Gettysburg
Howard At Atlanta
The Emancipation Group
The Jubilee Singers
The Quaker Of The Olden Time
The Gallows
Seed-time And Harvest
To The Reformers Of England
The Human Sacrifice
The Shoemakers
The Fishermen
The Lumbermen
The Ship-builders
The Drovers
The Huskers
The Corn-song
The Reformer
The Peace Convention At Brussels
The Prisoner For Debt
The Christian Tourists
The Men Of Old
To Pius Ix
Calef In Boston
Our State
The Prisoners Of Naples
The Peace Of Europe
Ben Jonson, 1615
The Disenthralled
The Poor Voter On Election Day
The Dream Of Pio Nono
The Voices
The New Exodus
The Conquest Of Finland
The Eve Of Election
From Perugia
Freedom In Brazil
After Election
The Problem
Our Country