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All Speeches throughout history

Famous and important speeches that were spoken by black men throughout history

William Lloyd Garrison: A Centennial Oration

What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?

Toussaint L'ouverture And The Haytian Revolutions

The Two Seals

The Training Of Negroes For Social Reform

The Teachings Of History Considered In Relation To Race Problems In America

The Sunday-school And Church As A Solution Of The Negro Problem

The Political Outlook For Africa

The People Of Hayti And A Plan Of Emigration

The Party Of Freedom And The Freedmen A Reciprocal Duty

The Negro's Part In The Redemption Of Africa

The Negro Lawyer; His Opportunity His Duty

The Negro As A Soldier

The Limitless Possibilities Of The Negro Race

The Life Of Social Service As Exemplified In David Livingstone

The Future Of The Negro Church

The Duty And Responsibility Of The Anglo-saxon Idea Of Citizenship

The Civil Rights' Bell

The Black Woman Of The South: Her Neglects And Her Needs

The Army As A Trained Force

Some Elements Necessary To Race Development?

Should Colored Men Be Subject To The Pains And Penalties Of The Fugitive Slave Law?

Oration On The Occasion Of The Unveiling Of Freedmen's Monument

Life's Morn

Liberia: Its Struggles And Its Promises

Is The Game Worth The Candle?

In The Wake Of The Coming Ages

Equality Of Rights For All Citizens Black And White Alike

Emancipation And Racial Advancement

Education For Manhood

Crispus Attucks

Civil Rights And Social Equality

An Open Letter To The Educational League Of Georgia

An Appeal To Our Brother In White

An Address Delivered Before The House Of Representatives Of Massachusetts

An Address Delivered At The Opening Of The Cotton States And International Exposition

An Address Delivered At The Centennial Anniversary Of The Pennsylvania Society For Promoting The Abolition Of Slavery

An Address Delivered At The Centennial Anniversary Of The Pennsylvania Society For Promoting The Abolition Of Slavery

An Address At The Unveiling Of The Robert Gould Shaw Monument

Alexander Dumas Fils

Address On The Occasion Of The Presentation Of A Loving Cup To Hon Joseph Benson Foraker United States Senator

Address During The Presidential Campaign Of 1880

Abraham Lincoln And Fifty Years Of Freedom

Abraham Lincoln

A Solution Of The Race Problem

A Plea For Industrial Opportunity

A Memorial Discourse

A Few Remarks On Making A Life

A Defense Of The Negro Race