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Four Runaway Negroes Whence They Came


Once f[=o]' runaway Niggers,
Dey met in de road.
An' dey ax one nudder:
Whar dey come from.
Den one up an' say:
"I'se jes come down from Chapel Hill
Whar de Niggers hain't wuked an' never will."

Den anudder up an' say:
"I'se jes come here from Guinea Gall
Whar dey eats de cow up, skin an' all."

Den de nex' Nigger say
Whar he done come from:
"Dey wuked you night an' day as dey could;
Dey never had stopped an' dey never would."

De las' Nigger say
Whar he come from:
"De Niggers all went out to de Ball;
De thick, de thin, de short, de tall."

But dey'd all please set up,
Jes lak ole Br'er Rabbit
W'en he look fer a dog.
An' keep it in mind,
Whilst dey boasts 'bout deir gals
An' dem t'other things:
"Dat none deir gals wus lak Sallie Jane,
Fer dat gal wus sweeter dan sugar cane."

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